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Make Your Conference Rooms More Universal

Connect callers from home? Yes. Connect to meetings on different platforms? You got it.

Take Your Hybrid Workplace to the Next Level

The hybrid workforce is here to stay. How do you make sure your employees can effectively collaborate wherever they are and whichever platform they’re using?


Of employees worked from home before the Covid-19 Pandemic.


Of employees are currently working from home.


Will definitely continue to work from home at least some of the time.


Will probably continue to work from home at least some of the time.


Of employees are more productive when the space is aligned to their workstyle.

Netrix and Poly believe it should be more convenient for your employees to move between workspaces. And simpler for you. It’s why we partner to create solutions that make it easy for employees to connect in any space. Good collaboration should work everywhere; in huddle rooms, home offices, contact centers, board rooms, and anywhere in between.


Make your connections work wherever your employees are, and regardless of the meeting platform.


The best video and audio conferencing tools across platforms.


We’ve worked in commercial, government, educational settings and more.

See What Poly Has Done for Customers Across the Globe


Baptist Health Corbin


Remote, rural US clinics in Kentucky and Tennessee required video conferencing that was simple to set up, easy to use, reliable, and interoperable with other products. And they needed systems that were economical and performed well under less-than-optimal broadband connections.

 “Approximately 20 percent of our total volume is currently serviced through telehealth,” said Baptist Health Corbin’s Anthony Powers. “That is up significantly from just a year ago with less than 5 percent. I can foresee in the next five years that 70 to 80 percent of our behavioral health medicine and 50 of our primary care visits will happen via telemedicine.”


Baptist Health Corbin chose to partner with Poly to meet its ever-evolving needs. For Baptist Health Corbin, Poly provided Simple, powerful, cloud-ready UC infrastructure software. Poly continues to deliver 24×7 support and access to technical experts, rich analytics, and more. 


  • Expanding the reach of medical services to rural communities
  • Reducing travel costs and time for patients
  • Improving safety and security for patients and staff
  • Helping treat the most vulnerable suffering from opioid addiction

The patients can get a consistency of schedule and care in a safe and secure environment without the need to travel. It’s a win for everyone involved.

Cindy Nash

APRN, Baptist Health Corbin

The “extended classroom” gives students an immersive experience that is inclusive of all, whether participants are inside the classroom or physically located in one of the other classrooms.

Eric Provoost

Project Manager, VO Zeeuws-Vlaanderen


Vo Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, Netherlands


VO Zeeuws-Vlaanderen is a foundation for secondary education formed by three regional schools in southwestern Netherlands. A persistent decline in the population over the past several years has impacted the education system of the region. The foundation came up with the concept of Extended Classroom, a system to connect the schools’ classrooms virtually to share teaching resources across the three schools.

The key technology challenge was to install something that is easy to set up and use. Students attending the lesson virtually required high-quality audio and video. It was also important that any extraneous noise can be filtered out.


Poly was chosen to deliver the solution. Poly sought to craft “extended classrooms” that does not pin teachers to one spot of the room. For distraction-free audio, and crisp video, VO Zeeuws-Vlaanderen implemented Poly’s state-of-the-art hardware across the classrooms at the three schools.

Five large screens were placed in each room: an interactive whiteboard touchscreen for content-sharing at the front of the classroom, two video screens on either side of the whiteboard, and the remaining two video screens at the back of the classroom.


  • “Extended classrooms” to connect live classrooms of three schools
  • Solutions delivered ease-of-use, high-quality audio and video
  • Poly MeetingAI feature removes extraneous noises


Ministry of Justice, Czech Republic


The Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic was exploring a modern way of working, whether in a remote working or a hybrid working set-up, for onsite and offsite courtroom attendance by all parties during the official hearings. Improving the efficiency of internal, cross-authority collaboration between the organizations was one of the other objectives sought by the ministry.


A total of two hundred unified communications (UC) solutions by Poly were implemented across the Czech Republic. The Ministry was swiftly able to achieve half of the five-year target of 5,000 virtual hearings within the first two months of the project. Poly’s UC solutions connected the staff to each other across local authorities securely, and the technology’s ease-of-use enabled speedy coordination of all urgent and sensitive hearings to deliver better citizen outcomes. The Ministry has also seen a boost in staff productivity.

The Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic is now assessing the benefits of video communications across additional state authorities, such as police offices, the Ministry of Healthcare, and state psychiatric facilities.


  • 50% (2,500) virtual hearings target of the five-year plan completed within two months of using Poly solutions.
  • Award by the Czech Association of Managers Information Technology in 2018 for driving better citizen outcomes through video conferencing solutions delivered by Poly.

The Poly video conferencing project has positively influenced our entire ministry to work in a modern and hybrid way, and we count this project amongst the most successful technical projects at the ministry.

Martin Kučera

Director of IT, Ministry of Justice of Czech Republic

The hybrid learning approach is highly appreciated by the students in particular, given the pandemic era of COVID-19. For our staff, remote working is an enabler that allows business continuity. Video conferencing is at the heart of our new futuristic work practices.

Alain Boniol

CIO, Télécom Paris


Télécom Paris, France


Télécom Paris is a leading French higher education institution. In 2019, Telecom Paris moved to a large, new 46,000 square meter building complex in IMT’s Saclay campus near Paris, and the school continued to provide distance learning to international students based in China, Japan, Russia, Senegal and more.

With 1,350 students and 600 staff, Télécom Paris’ digital transformation challenge was two-fold: connect students and staff within the large campus building, and connect students abroad with local staff. Télécom Paris was focused on finding an interoperable collaboration solution that could also integrate with all other technology being used at the institute. It was important that the digital transformation project did not pose any technical setbacks for online lectures, coursework allocation and administrative staff meetings.


A broad range of Poly unified communications (UC) solutions was implemented at Télécom Paris premises to achieve the best level of staff collaboration and to deliver the flexibility of hybrid learning experiences to all students.

To interconnect the entire Télécom Paris network of staff and students based at and outside of the Saclay campus, wide range of Poly solutions, software and accessories bring everything together for Télécom Paris including in larger spaces, such as boardrooms and the auditoriums.


  • During Covid-19 lockdown, Télécom Paris continued delivering education online.
  •  As restrictions lifted, a hybrid combination of onsite and offsite lessons was conducted, thanks to the recently implemented Poly technology.
  • The institute’s staff also adopted a hybrid working approach for meetings, where a combination of onsite and offsite participation enabled collaboration.

Netrix and Poly

Committed to Seamless Collaboration

Netrix specializes in network infrastructure, security, software development, systems services, unified communications, mobility, cloud and managed services. We partner with the best partners in the industry, such as Poly, to provide hardware, software, and services needed to implement our solutions. We help our clients with integrated packages of custom solutions that simplify technology sourcing and accelerate deployment.

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