For years, ransomware has crippled business operations, caused data loss, and created data breach events at countless organizations. With incidents of ransomware attacks continuing to increase, many organizations are seeking better insight into their ability to detect and respond to a ransomware event.




  • Ransomware is involved in 10% of all breach events (2021 Verizon DBIR), up from less than 2% of breach events in 2016
  • Phishing, the primary form of Ransomware delivery, continues to rise... up 600% in the last 2 years
  • Average downtime from a ransomware event is 23 days
  • Average ransomware payment is ~$220k
  • The highest ransom paid by an insurance company was $40M
  • In 42% of ransomware events, cyber insurance covered only a small part of claims
  • The increase in frequency and impact of ransomware events has resulted in increased cyber insurance premiums of 10%-50%